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reborn_loot's Journal

Buy, Sell, Show-off Loot From Katekyo Hitman Rebor
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


Post any loot from series Katekyo Hitman Reborn by Amano Akira.
Handmade? Post it.
Tore is out of Shounen Weekly? Post it.
Found it in your afro? Post it.
This is Reborn loot not merchandise. It doesn't have to be official.

(note: the word "loot" is used loosely by the maintainer due to addiction to World Of Warcraft and is not meant by anyway to steal etc., lol i was just being funny .___.)

All questionable materials should be kept friends only.
For more on questionable materials, please refer to the future thread that I might make when questionable materials are in question.

Each post is allowed one preview pic (300.300px).
For a sample preview pic size, please compare it to spam.
All other pics of lootz must be kept under lj-cut.
For more on how to lj-cut, please click here.


reborn_loot may be used to buy/sell/auction at the buy/seller/bidder's expense(s). The community, mods and maintainer are not responsible for scam or theft, if any. Please be careful.

Please specify "bid price" and "buyout price" if any.

Any auctions or sales that fail will be removed after 1 month.
Feel free to renew your sale or auction posts before removal.

Please use [strike out] [/strikeout] when items are sold before the one month limit is over.
Please also delete the item from renewed posts once item goes through full transactions.
Failure to abide might lead to confusion :(

happy postings~! :D